Add-ons to your website

Looking for something unique? I offer a variety of extensions to your website to customize it to your needs.


Contact form

Let your visitors contact you through a special form where you can ask more questions and your website is perceived as more professional. Send the visitor to a nice thank you page as well as having them receive confirmation via email that their message will be answered shortly.


Multiple languages

If you need another language for your website to make it more international, I offer a range of languages for all the websites I build. These languages are Swedish, English and German.


Google Reviews

Show how satisfied your customers are with your company by displaying reviews inside your website. Display your hard-earned Google ratings on your website and and show visitors your authority.

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Statistics on your website

Receive weekly or monthly statistics via email on how your visitors use your website. For example, which pages get the most visits, which city they come from, which device and so on. This is a great add-on to see how a campaign went or simply just to see how a particular week went.


Video to home page

A more modern way to show what your company does that will visually increase interest and draw the visitor's attention to your products or services. The video files can come from you, we edit and optimise for the web. If you are unable to do so, we can use video files from our database.


Instagram / Facebook feed

Link your Instagram or Facebook feed directly into the website. When you upload a picture on your Instagram, it will appear directly on the website. Make visitors see that you are active.


Facebook chat

Give your visitors an easy way to reach you with questions or other concerns. Visitors get the feeling that you can be reached faster and are more likely to contact you.


Logo design

You don't have a suitable logo for your new website yet, or you are in the process of redesigning your entire look. I can provide you with a logo that reflects you and your business and looks great in a variety of formats, colors and sizes.



Educational images to enable you to update prices, images or other texts on your own.



Customise your homepage based on what your visitors are googling. This will make your website appear on average, higher up. Done 1 month after the website is launched, as it needs a lot of data.

Your new website in 3 simple steps

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Contact me

Start by telling me your needs. Together we will go through the purpose and goals of your business in order to give you the best offer.

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Design & Development

I'll start building and designing your new website. I am open to feedback at the beginning, based on the price package you choose and have your website ready within a few weeks.

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Once you're happy, it's time to launch your website. I'll test your website in different screen sizes until everything looks perfect, based on the pricing package you choose.